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Kindship meetups - Because you were never meant to do this alone

Team Kindship
• Date:
July 29, 2022
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1 minute

Fill your cup and head to one of our Kindship weekly meetups. Take some time out to connect face to face with parents and carers who are on the app.

Not for you? A bit out of your comfort zone? Meeting a whole bunch of strangers sounds terrifying?

Totally normal feelings to have, but it’s quite a surreal feeling meeting others who instantly feel familiar, who you feel you can relate to and who just ‘get it’. So step out of your comfort zone, take a leap and do something to nourish your soul. We promise you won't regret it. Plus, coffee is always a good idea!

We have meetups happening at different locations on a weekly basis that our Kindfolk hosts (AKA epic Kindship parent volunteers). So check them out below, they will be updated each week but information will also be posted on the app regularly.

Sounds sensational and you're totally keen, but there aren't any happening near you, or perhaps you just want to find out more?

Get in contact with our lovely Amanda who is Head of Wellbeing and let's see what other locations we can get up and running!

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