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Team Kindship
October 21, 2022
2 minutes

Here at Kindship we believe that when parents are informed they are empowered. And when parents are empowered, they can change the world!


We know that every parenting journey is unique and champion the insight that comes from diverse experiences. The lessons that are learnt on each journey will, no doubt come in handy to the parents who make their own footprints behind yours and so on.


With this we introduce you to some of our Kindship resources.


Kindship magazine.


I remember the day of my daughter’s diagnosis so vividly. Although I half expected it, it really hit me like a tonne of bricks. My brain went into over-drive, and I felt panicked, shocked, overwhelmed and suddenly so isolated. I immediately wanted to do everything I could but also had no idea on what that looked like or where to start.


The kindship magazine is for all parents. Sharing stories, tips and advice from parents who have perhaps walked this path before you. An extra special resource for parents who are new to the journey. To act as a soft-landing platform to encourage and inspire and to let parents know they are not alone, that there is a community of support there waiting for when they are ready.


You can purchase a hard copy but you can also read it online, anytime….right here



About me document


It’s common for most parents to feel a bit nervous when their little one starts school, whether that be pre-school, primary or high school. When you are the parent of a child with a disability, delay, or extra needs those feelings are intensified. Suddenly you aren’t there to help them manage things that others may not be aware of how to manage. Your mind goes into panic mode thinking about all the ‘what if moments’.


What if they fall in their walker?

What if they start to feel anxious and can’t express it?

What if they need assistance with self-help skills?


Based on parent voices we have designed a student ‘about me’ downloadable document. This makes the process a little bit easier for parents to share all the important ‘need to know’ characteristics about their child. This document has also gotten the tick of approval from many educators, ‘A simple but important document that can be easily referred to at any time’ (Rebecca Daley - Early Childhood and Primary Educator).


This school resource can be downloaded here


Play therapy resource guide


Early Intervention is about having access to services and supports that will assist in helping your child reach their full potential. Perhaps you have heard the saying ‘children are like sponges, they absorb everything’? How true this is.

The early years are when our children’s brains are developing faster than any other time, a time to form new connections and strengthen neural pathways to maximise learning opportunities.


If you are lucky your child may be already accessing early intervention supports, but the reality is it’s not a matter of a few appointments a week and it stops there. Constant repetition and continuing to work on skills at home is paramount. But this can be an overwhelming and daunting experience when you are the one expected to make this happen…. Where do you start? How do you fit it in? Do you need all the cool therapy gadgets?


Our go to therapy resource is intended to support families, guide them, and give tips and tricks to manage therapy at home. It also acts as an amazing support for families who may be stuck on a waiting list and do not have any current access to therapists or supports.


You can find our play therapy resource guide here  



Encircle Blog


Here at kindship we champion the contribution of parent voices. Never underestimate the power of lived experience. Hand on heart, as a parent to a daughter with two diagnosis I can honestly say the input and advice I have gotten from other families who have walked a similar journey has been just as (sometime more) useful.


The Encircle blog is a source of parent authored conversations on a variety of topics. Such as;


-NDIS and funding

-Therapy and Supports


-Health and Wellbeing






-Parent stories


Whether your specifically looking for information about something, tips and advice or simply want to read something that you can relate to…..Our encircle blog is for you and can be found here