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IEP template

Oh boy, IEPs. Most parents I know either love them or they hate them. My goal is to help you feel prepared so you walk into your child’s next IEP meeting ready to make some waves (constructive and clearly articulated waves).

Before we dive in, I should probably start with what IEP stands for. If you’re new to this, welcome! It means an “individualised education plan”.

The purpose of an IEP, as you probably guessed, is to put together a personalised roadmap for your child’s school journey. Writing that map is all of the people who know your child and their support needs best, which puts you right up the top of the food chain.

An IEP meeting is a chance for you all to come together to build a comprehensive snapshot of where your child is at now and where you’d like to see them headed in a given period of time. To do this well, it’s important to be transparent about challenges and frustrations, but equally, make sure you make time for their achievements! Remember, our children can sometimes seem to have entirely different skill sets in different environments. I know my kiddo flips from sassy independence to unable to perform a single chore between school and home.

It’s a big ask, I know, which is why I’ve created this IEP PDF booklet to help you feel prepared and confident for your next meeting.

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