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Planning meeting checklist

Having a checklist for planning meetings is like having a handy to-do list for an important event. It keeps things organised and ensures everything important is remembered.  You can clarify your goals, share your needs, and set clear expectations with a checklist. It makes it easier to say what you want to achieve, share what you need, and ensure everyone knows what to expect. It ensures you feel prepared and confident to have a successful meeting.

This checklist will help you feel confident going into your planning meeting!

Dream Big:

  •  Start by thinking about what you want to achieve with NDIS support. What are your goals, and what do you need?

Paperwork Patrol: 

  • Gather all those papers! Collect any medical reports, assessments, or documents that show what you need because of your disability.

Plan Check:

  •  If you already have an NDIS plan, take a peek at it. It's like checking your map to see where you're headed.

Your Support Team: 

  • Who's got your back? Write down all the help you get from family, friends, and your community. These are your "cheerleaders."

Identify the barriers: 

  • Think about any hurdles in your daily life because of your disability. What makes things tricky?

Money Matters: 

  • Plan out your budget. How much money do you need to reach your goals and overcome those hurdles?

Service Detective: 

  • Time to do some detective work! Look for NDIS-registered service providers nearby who can help you reach your goals.

Ask Away: 

  • Write down all your burning questions about the NDIS process, the services, or your plan. No question is too small.

Bring support: 

  • It's like having a buddy on an adventure. Think about bringing a trusted friend, family member, or someone who's always on your side to the meeting.

Time's Ticking: 

  • Set a timeline for your goals. Do you have any goals that need to happen sooner rather than later?

Speak Your Way: 

  • Be ready to talk about how you like to communicate and if you need extra help during the meeting, like an interpreter or a special communication device.

Your Advocate: 

  • Be ready to speak up for yourself and what you need. You're your best advocate!

Plan Review: 

  • If you already have a plan, chat about it with your planner. What's working well, and what could use a little tweak?

Clear as Crystal: 

  • During the meeting, clearly explain your goals, needs, and what you expect.

Note-Taking Ninja: 

  • Bring something to take notes with during the meeting so you can remember what's talked about.

Keep Copies: 

  • Don't forget to ask for a copy of your NDIS plan and any papers they give you during the meeting.

Challenge Accepted:

  •  If there's something you disagree with, find out how to challenge it. It's like pressing the "rethink" button.

What's Next? 

  • Figure out how you'll get updates on your plan and what steps you need to take next.

Stay in the Loop:

  •  Stay in the know about NDIS rules and any changes that might affect your plan. It's like staying up to date with the latest news.

Speak Up: 

  • If something feels wrong with your NDIS experience, know how to share your thoughts or raise concerns. Your voice matters!
You're the best judge of whether this service fits your child's goals or not.