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Therapy assistant (Level 1)

Therapy assistants are the next best thing to a fully-fledged therapist. These fabulous guys (and girls) can work alongside your child to implement training programs, practice skills, and kick some serious NDIS goal butts. Oh, and did I mention they can be more available? If that isn’t music to our sick-of-waiting-lists ears. 

Let’s chat a little more about how a level 1 therapy assistant can assist with smashing through those NDIS goals:

1. Consistent Reinforcement: Under the guidance of the primary therapist, these assistants help in maintaining a steady rhythm of sessions. This consistency is key to reinforcing and cementing new skills.

2. Two Heads are Better: With the primary therapist setting the goals and the therapy assistant helping to execute them, your child gets the benefit of a collaborative approach.

3. Flexibility: While they do work under supervision, therapy assistants often have a tad more wiggle room in their schedules. This can mean finding those golden slots that work best for your family.

4. Bridging the Gap: The therapy assistant can act as a valuable bridge between sessions with the primary therapist, ensuring that momentum isn’t lost.

5. Relatable Connection: They often bring a fresh, enthusiastic energy to sessions, making the experience more engaging for our kiddos.

6. Budget-Friendly: By integrating therapy assistant sessions between those with the main therapist, you might find you can stretch that NDIS budget a little further without compromising on quality.

7. Continuous Feedback Loop: With the therapy assistant and therapist working in tandem, there's constant communication. This means tweaks and changes can be made on the fly, tailoring the approach as needed.

So, while they might need a bit of oversight from the main therapist, don’t underestimate the power of a level 1 therapy assistant. They're here, they're hands-on, and they're ready to help your child smash those NDIS goals.

While I've put my heart into aligning these tips with your NDIS path, the road can have its twists. Remember, these are just suggestions. Dive in, explore, and find what truly works for you. Sending you all my best vibes!

You're the best judge of whether this service fits your child's goals or not.