Kindship Plan Management:

We'll treat you like family – that's a promise.

Because you were never meant to do this alone.
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NDIS Plan Management, done differently.

The Kindship difference doesn't stop at knowing your first name. Our team are all parents raising children with disabilities so, when we say 'we get it' we really really do. We're also committed to delivering the kind of support and NDIS expertise we would expect for our own families.

The love is real.

Deb P

I recently moved to Kindship plan management, and it has been the smoothest and easiest process!! I wished I had done it sooner. You no longer feel just like a 'number', and it's such an incredible feeling to be responded to promptly. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend contacting the team!!

Courtney W

I recently joined Kindship Plan Management after being agency-managed and couldn't be happier or more impressed. I received a welcome call from the lovely Carly and was made to feel heard and valued as a part of Kindship's supportive family/community. It's so refreshing to be managed by people who get it. My emails have been answered promptly, but they honestly can't do enough to help you. I've found everyone I've dealt with incredibly efficient, kind and friendly. If you are looking for a Plan Manager that won't let you down, you've found them.

Dee P

Barb is the reason I changed to kindship plan management; she's amazing! She has helped me with so much NDIS stuff, and very soon, I'll be putting her to all her power!

We do everything a regular plan manager does, just better.

Receive and pay your invoices
Communicate with providers and the NDIA on your behalf
Offer regular budget check-ins
Help you maximise your NDIS budget
Keep your spending on track
24/7 member support
Plus we'll help you with


Barb is the ultimate NDIS advocacy coach. She understands your family's unique circumstances and is available 24/7 to offer instant and personalised advocacy advice, resources and reporting tools.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How is Kindship different to other NDIS Plan Managers?

Kindship’s plan managers are all parents of children with disabilities. You can be confident that you are talking to someone with a deep understanding of the NDIS who are committed to providing the kind of support we would want for our own families.

Do I have to pay for NDIS Plan Management?

Nope. If you have an NDIS plan, you are eligible for plan management funding. If it’s not already included in your plan, we can help you apply for it.

Can I change plan managers?

You sure can. To switch providers, you just need to send a short email request and wait out the notice period (usually about 30 days). During this time, your current plan manager will continue to look after your plan as usual. If you’d like to sign up for Kindship Plan Management, we can help you make the switch!

Is Kindship Plan Management Nationwide?

We’re registered to provide plan management services to NDIS participants of all ages across Australia.

What is your staff’s experience with plan management?

There’s so much to say in response to this question. Firstly, and we feel, importantly, all of our plan managers are parents raising children with disabilities, so, as far as “experience” goes, we’ve got some serious skin in the game.

Secondly and just as importantly, we’ve partnered with one of the largest NDIS-approved software companies, Credability Systems, to license their Planability tool to manage our invoice processing, and chartered accountants oversee all of our (and their) work. If you’re curious about Planability, you can read more about this system here

Is Barb included in your plan management service?

Yes! If you sign up for Kindship Plan Management, we’ll throw in Barb for free! Please note Barb is currently available to Guardians and Support Coordinators operating on behalf of an NDIS participant. We’ll announce when this changes.

I’m a Support Coordinator and want to refer a participant. How do I do this?

Thanks for your referral! We’d be happy to help get them signed up. You can do that by hitting the ‘Sign up’ or ‘Speak to our team’ button at the top and bottom of this page.

Get confident and in control of your NDIS journey.

Because you were never meant to do this alone.
*Fully fundable by the NDIS
Rated 4.4
Trusted by 300 families