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Plan Management is fully funded by NDIS Improved Life Choices
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Plan Management, done differently.

The Kindship difference doesn’t stop at knowing your first name. Our team are all parents raising children with disabilities so, when we say ‘we get it’ we really really do. We’re also committed to delivering the kind of support and NDIS expertise we would expect for our own families.
Receive and pay your invoices
Communicate with providers and the NDIA on your behalf
Offer regular budget check-ins
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Plan Management is fully funded by NDIS Improved Life Choices

What families are saying about Barb.


Barb is a game-changer. Navigating the NDIS feels less overwhelming and more manageable.


Using Barb has simplified the NDIS for us. Now I spend less time worrying and more time with my family.


Thanks to Barb, I feel empowered in my child's NDIS journey. It's like having an expert in my pocket.
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What’s included?
Choose Kindship as your NDIS Plan Manager, and we’ll walk with you every step of the way!
A comprehensive profile of your child with a secure link for sharing.
Monthly member webinars.
Access to a library of advocacy templates and planning checklists.
Personalised goal-driven recommendations by Barb.

Okay, what's next?

Submit plan.
After tapping "Switch to Kindship", we'll ask for a few details and give you instructions for sending a copy of your child's NDIS plan.
Make the switch.
If you're currently plan-managed, we'll send you a handy pre-filled email template that you can send to your current NDIS plan manager to let them know you're switching to Kindship.
You're in!
We'll unlock access to Barb in all of her NDIS glory and teach you how to use her. You'll just need to download the free Kindship mobile app, available on ios and Android.


We take our role and your trust very seriously. Here's the answers to our community’s most commonly asked questions.
Do I need to register for Kindship Plan Management to unlock Barb?

For now, Barb is exclusively available to Kindship Plan Management members. Our goal is to offer her assistance to all families navigating childhood disability eventually. As your Plan Manager, we use our insights to personalise Barb's guidance, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your child's individual goals, support needs, and NDIS budget. Our commitment lies in providing practical tools like Barb to support and enhance your journey through the NDIS.

How is Kindship different to other NDIS Plan Managers?

Great question! Firstly, we’ve built Barb, and she knows more about disability and the NDIS than every other plan management company combined. And secondly, all of our staff are parents and people with disability experience. When we say “we get it, " we really do. You can be confident that our advice and support come from a deep knowledge of the NDIS and the highs and hard of a disability journey.

Do I have to pay for plan management?

Nope. If you have an NDIS plan, you are eligible for plan management funding. If it’s not already included in your plan, we can help you apply for it.

Can I change Plan Managers?

You sure can. To switch providers, you just need to send a short email request and wait out the notice period (usually about 30 days). During this time, your current plan manager will continue to look after your plan as usual.

If you’d like to switch to Kindship, we’ll give you a handy auto-generated email template to send to your current service provider after you sign up.

What happens after I sign up with Kindship?

We’ll schedule a call with one of our friendly member support team members, who will chat with you about plan management and what “making the best of the NDIS” looks like for you and your family.

Is Kindship Plan Management Nationwide?

We’re registered to provide plan management services to NDIS participants of all ages across Australia.

Is there someone to call when I have questions or queries regarding my child’s plan?

We understand and expect your NDIS journey to come with questions. We also appreciate those questions tend to pop up outside of office hours. That’s why we’ve taken a proactive approach to member support.

Barb is available 24/7 on the Kindship app. Her knowledge of the NDIS is vast, and we’ve yet to meet a general NDIS question she couldn’t answer. For those questions that require a deeper dive into your particular situation, you can contact us via email or call us on our 1300 number during office hours.

What is your staff's experience with plan management?

There’s so much to say in response to this question. Firstly, and we feel, importantly, all of our staff are parents raising children with disabilities, so, as far as “experience” goes, we’ve got some serious skin in the game.

Secondly and just as importantly, we’ve partnered with one of the largest NDIS-approved software companies, Credability Systems, to license their Planability tool to manage our invoice processing, and chartered accountants oversee all of our (and their) work. If you’re curious about Planability, you can read more about this system here

How are you keeping my data safe?

We take your privacy and data security seriously. Like, seriously, seriously.

Here’s how:

* Limited access: We are a small team and operate on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Your data is only seen by staff members responsible for delivering your Kindship experience.

* Two-step identification: That’s a fancy way of saying that we strictly control and track who has access to our internal systems.

* De-identification: Before we use external systems to analyse your data, we remove or classify any information that could be linked to you and your family.Still curious? You can read our full Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions on