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“Kindship in Colour” - art competition

Have you ever noticed that branded merchandise is pretty boring to look at and has a lot of blank space? We did. Then we thought, what a great opportunity to collaborate with some of the up-and-coming artists from our community!

We’re looking for 3 art pieces that celebrate “Kindship In Colour” to decorate our new range of swag. Entries are open to anyone aged 0 - 20+ years with a disability, delay, or neurodiversity, and can be submitted in paint, crayon, pencil, glitter, etc.

Competition closes 25th of April 2022.

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Kindship Creator

We believe that when parents are informed they are empowered. And when parents are empowered, the can change the world.

The goal of our Creator Program is to work with parents with authentic voices to build a library of educational content that empowers decision-making and changes the narrative around what parenting a child with a disability really looks like. Sound like you? Register your interest below.


Kindship Ambassador

At Kindship, our vision is to spearhead a world that champions the contribution of parents and their children living with disabilities, delays, and neurodiversity.

The goal of our ambassador program is to create real, long-term partnerships with parents who genuinely love Kindship’s vision and want to share that love with their network. Sound like you? Register your interest below!