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Jade Rhiannon

Before I found Kindship, I was a single mum doing it all, alone and struggling. Being a parent has its challenges, but parenting neurodiverse children comes with so many other challenges that I had absolutely no clue about. Since being a part of Kindship, I have gained friendships and a community to turn to when I need advice, knowledge, or simply an ear to listen. I love being able to chat with parents in similar situations and feeling relief because these people just know they get it. Apparently, it takes a village to raise a kid… Kindship is my village.

Nadine Brown

Kindship is that “Village” you need to help raise your child. But the thing is, we all help raise each other in this village. It’s a safe place to vent, support, inspire others, and be wrapped in love by people who truly understand what you're going through. It is where new friendships can blossom, ideas are shared, and loving support is given without judgement or “I couldn’t do what you do” statements are thrown in your direction. 

Tania Dewy

This beautiful, embracing, non-judgmental community of families has been life-changing for me. The love and empathy we all share is just magical. The Kindship family are my rock, with me for all the highs and the lows of parenting children with additional needs. It's a soft, knowledgeable, incredibly friendly place to land when the whirlwind of a diagnosis and daily life collide.
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