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Barb’s NDIS Bootcamp: Barb does the heavy lifting so you can do the coffee-sipping

Team Kindship
January 26, 2024
2 min

If you think we’re good at rhyming, just wait until you see what we’ve done with Barb, the new and improved NDIS Navigator in your pocket. Built using the latest AI technology, Barb simplifies your NDIS journey by:

  • Breaking down your child’s NDIS plan so you can see exactly how much budget you have to spend and what you’re eligible to spend it on
  • Analysing your budget and suggesting ways to optimise your spending
  • Offering 24/7 advice, activity ideas, reporting tools, and resources

To celebrate the launch of Barb 2.0, we are running Barb’s NDIS Bootcamp, a 7-week minimal effort program that promises to maximise your NDIS confidence and plan potential. Here’s what you can expect.

Every week, we’ll send an email with a brief introduction to the topic of the week, along with some simple instructions for interacting with Barb. These should take you all of seven minutes to complete and produce one fabulously useful resource a week. We’re talking about:

  • Week 1 - NDIS Foundations: Simplified visual breakdown of your child’s NDIS plan
  • Week 2 - Advocacy Week: The master of all IEP documents
  • Week 3 - Caring for the carer week: New or improved NDIS Carer’s Statement
  • Week 4 - Behaviour week: Personalised emotional regulation toolkit.
  • Week 5 - Skills week: Step-by-step plan for supporting communication goals
  • Week 6 - Teamwork week: Step-by-step plan for collaborating with disability support workers
  • Week 7 - Budget week: Personalised NDIS plan budget analysis and spending suggestions

Plus, you’ll have the option to join fortnightly group check-in calls with your Kindship coach and access to an exclusive member’s discussion group, where we’ll be chatting through your questions, offering bonus Barb suggestions, and connecting as parents (there may be coffee, wine, and/or the occasional tears involved).

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Barb’s Bootcamp might be just the thing to revolutionise your NDIS journey.

Ready to tick “NDIS set” off your resolution list? Sign up for Barb’s NDIS Bootcamp today! Registrations close 21st of February, and spots are limited.

Unlock Barb
Fully fundable by the NDIS


How long does each weekly Barb session take?

Each weekly session with Barb is designed to be quick yet impactful, typically taking around seven minutes.

Is technical support available if I have trouble using Barb?

Absolutely! We provide full technical support to ensure you have a smooth experience with Barb.

Can I get a preview of what Barb offers before I sign up for Bootcamp?

We offer insights into Barb's capabilities on our website, but the full experience is exclusive to Bootcamp participants.

Are the Bootcamp resources tailored for my child's specific needs?

Yes, each resource created during Bootcamp is personalised based on your child’s NDIS plan and needs.

What if I have more than one child with an NDIS plan?

We can accommodate families with multiple children on NDIS plans.

What if I need to skip a week? Can I catch up?

Yes, absolutely! If you miss a week, we'll provide you with all the necessary resources and instructions so you can easily catch up at your own pace.

Will there be opportunities to connect with other Bootcamp participants?

Yes! Through our members-only community and group check-in calls, you’ll have lots of opportunities to connect, share experiences, and learn from other Bootcamp participants.

Can I access Barb’s features after the Bootcamp ends?

As a Kindship member, you’ll have ongoing access to Barb’s features beyond the Bootcamp.

Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask Barb?

No, you can interact with Barb as much as needed. She's here to help 24/7!

How does Barb ensure privacy and data security?

We prioritise your privacy and data security, using state-of-the-art measures to protect your information. We are HIPAA and NDIS-compliant.

Will I receive any physical materials, or is everything digital?

The Bootcamp is primarily digital, with resources and interactions shared via email, the Kindship app, and the members-only Facebook group.

Can I share my Bootcamp experience and resources with other parents?

While we encourage sharing experiences, the resources are highly personalised to your child’s unique goals and support needs.

What if I have feedback or suggestions during the Bootcamp?

We welcome and encourage feedback! It helps us improve Barb and the Bootcamp experience for all members.